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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dynamize Electric A Licensed Electrical Contractor?

Yes we are licensed electrical contractors. Licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority as master electricians In fact our license requires us to follow the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, the Occupational Health & Safety Act and another applicable statues.

What Is Your Electrical Contractor’s Licence Number From ECRA/ESA?

Dynamize Electric Inc’s ECRA/ESA License number is 7011431 You can verify that we are licensed through the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) by clicking this link and using the contractor locator tool.

How Much Will It Cost?

It is our considerable experience each project potentially comes with unique circumstances that requires all quotes made over the phone or via email be subject to change after we physically get to job site.

Do I Need Permits To Complete Electrical Work?

Almost all electrical installation, repair and replacement work requires a permit and will trigger a review process by Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). Permitting and staying in compliance with the Ontario Electrical Saftety Code protects and insures all parties involved.

Do you need a licensed electrician?